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Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests
  • Computer Science and Data Science Education

  • Data Visualization

  • Human-Computer Interaction

  • Ph.D., Human-Centered Design and Engineering, University of Washington (In-Progress)

  • B.A., Applied Mathematics, University of California—Berkeley, 2021.

Research Experience
  • Learning and Design Lab, University of Washington (2022 - Present)

    • Working to design a computer science education web application and associated study which will attempt to assist introductory learners of Python.

  • Human-Centered Data Science Lab, University of Washington (2021 - Present)

    • Working on the design of a novel visualization known as the BeadPlot which is aimed at visualizing the text of research papers to allow researchers to draw information from them more quickly.

  • RISE Lab, UC Berkeley (2020-2021)

    • Worked on the CovidVis project. Studied the impact of visualizations on user perception of COVID-19 intervention measures and the potential to utilize visualizations more effectively to better convey key insights from data.

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Summer 2018)

    • Developed methods to analyze climate simulation data for robust tropical cyclones using in-house program TECA—Toolkit for Extreme Climate Analysis.

Teaching Experience
Industry Experience
  • Nutanix, Software Engineering Intern (Summer 2020)

    • Worked with the Acropolis Hypervisor Team in order to improve efficiency and decrease workload within Nutanix’s hypervisor product. Set the stage to eventually achieve a 60% reduction in the amount of time one of the processes in the Acropolis system spends on a compute-heavy task.

  • 2021-22 UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Outstanding Teaching Assistant

    • 14 teaching assistants (TAs) received this award in 2021-2022, out of an Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department with several hundred TAs.

  • 2020 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award

    • Awarded to top 10% of graduate and undergraduate student instructors in UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

  • 2017 Edward Frank Kraft Award for Freshmen

    • Awarded to freshmen who achieve a 4.00 GPA in their first fall semester at Berkeley who complete full-time units.

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